Hassle-free travelling with children

A small airport has many benefits for all travellers, whether young or old. It is easy to get about in the terminal building, all the services are handy, and there are no big crowds, making it quick and easy to take off.

Prams and pushchairs

At check-in, prams and pushchairs are handed over to personnel, as they must always be checked in as cargo hold luggage. Policies regarding pushchairs may vary according to airline. Some airlines allow pushchairs to be taken to the departure gate, while others do not.  

You can pack toys and other activities for children in your hand luggage to keep them entertained during the flight. It is a good idea to tell your child in advance that toys must also be placed on the X-ray conveyor belt at security control. You can take any baby food and drink required during the flight onto the plane. However, they must be removed from hand luggage and put on the X-ray conveyor belt. Look at the instructions for packing liquids here.

If you forget any food, drink or other liquids in your bag, you will be required to go through additional security control.

Children's passports

Please remember that the passport regulations have changed and you can no longer have children entered in a parent's or guardian's passport. Each child must have their own passport, even babies. See the passport instructions on the police website: http://poliisi.fi/passi

Children travelling alone

Is your child planning to travel alone? A child travelling alone may be accompanied through the security control and to the departure gate with prior authorisation. This must be marked on the ticket, so make sure that you mention, when booking the flight, that the ticket is for an unaccompanied minor. Policies and age limits may vary according to airline.

Travelling while pregnant

Air travel is safe, even during pregnancy. Many airlines require a medical certificate when flying in the late stages of pregnancy.